Gatewau to Mojave National Preserve

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The trail begins where the roads end.

Castle Peaks Wilderness Hike

While staying in historic Nipton, enjoy a guided hike in the spectacular New York Mts.

Nippeno Camp and Conference Center
presents a one day Wilderness Hike to the nearby Castle Peaks Wilderness in the New York Mountains. This hike is led by the experienced desert wilderness guide and photographer, Barnes Miller. The expedition will originate in the morning after breakfast at Nipton, and registrants will return in the afternoon to Nipton.

Registration: The Castle Peaks Wilderness Hike is limited to guests of Nipton and will be available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the 2006 Season. Hikes are limited to four registrants to enhance the wilderness experience, and will include discussion of landscape formation, basic geology and history, and stops to photograph the spectacular scenery.)

Fees: $150 per registrant; includes 15% discount on lodging at Nipton, and a light bag lunch while on the trail.
Participants are on their own recognizance with respect to transport, supplies, and appropriate physical fitness. The Nipton staff will try to accommodate the needs of each expedition member.

Joshua trees give way to hills covered with dark green and twisted junipers
silhouetted against thin mountain peaks thrusting up to almost 6,000 feet.

The hiking on foot is less than one mile in length and easy going to moderate. Where possible, hiking excursions will be tailored to the abilities of individual members. Total event time, including travel to and from the area, is 5-6 hours. Registrants are advised to bring their own light snack, 1-2 liters of water, and to wear a broad brim hat along with comfortable walking shoes. For independent travel, a four wheel drive vehicle is required.

The days expedition will leave Nipton after breakfast in the early AM.

Late in the afternoon, the expedition party will return to Nipton in time to refresh for the evening.

The trail starts at an altitude of 4,500 ft. and continues by way
of a series of well defined game trails.

Just off the trail, golden sands cut deep canyons out of black volcanic
flows that mirror the areas cataclysmic geological past.


Being fed from Malpais Springs, vibrant green desert willow trees
grow in thick misplaced groves at the base of the main canyon.

Petroglyphs score previous human habitation
going back thousands of years.

Along the way, the desert presents her delicate beauty.