Lodging and Hospitality

Lodging and Hospitality


Individual and Group accommodations are available in Nipton across a choice of prices and circumstances. For room rates and reservations, telephone 760.856.2335 during business hours – 8AM – 6PM, or e-mail to hotel@nipton.com.

Individual lodging may be reserved in any of the facilities in Nipton as described below. Group accommodation may include any or all of the facilities described – tailored to suit the needs of the group. Special group rates are offered.


Hotel Nipton: Originally constructed in the period 1904 to 1910, the hotel building was restored in 1986, recently refurbished in 2004, and is open as a bed-and-breakfast inn to serve visitors of Nipton and the Mojave National Preserve. It has been featured in many books on the area.

The adobe hotel, built in the Spanish Territorial style with a wrap-around-covered porch, has five sleeping rooms, three with double beds and two with twin beds, all featuring central heating and cooling. An open reading and sitting room is available for all guests. Two modern bathrooms are found just down the hall. Guest privileges include use of picnic areas, reflection pond, barbecue and food refrigeration facilities.

One of the shared bathrooms in Hotel
Clara Bow Room #3

William Clark Room #2
Clara Bow Room #3

Eco-Lodge Tented Cabins
New at Nipton are tented cabins, each accommodating up to four adults but roomy enough for a family of six. These Eco-Lodges are designed to provide a comfortable camping experience in the natural desert environment. Each cabin is air-cooled and outfitted with two double bed sized bedsteads, a wood fired stove, electric lights and overhead fan, table and chairs. Large picture window flaps on either end allow cross ventilation when desired and unobstructed views of Ivanpah Valley in the Mojave National Preserve. The bedsteads are designed for sleeping bag usage, although linens and blankets are available for guests wishing them.

Eco-Lodge exterior
Pioneer Eco-Cabin Interior

Pioneer Eco-Cabin

Nearby amenities include a flush toilet lavatory and hot shower building, and an outdoor amphitheater with fire pit for small groups. Additional persons can be included at a modest additional cost.

Campground Perspective

Freeman Hall

Freeman Hall is the central meeting place for Nipton.  It has been adaptively remodeled from the original K-8 community school house in Nipton, which served the Ivanpah Valley and surrounding region in the period circa 1930 through 1960. In its contemporary embodiment, incorporating a large well lit open space with attached lavatory facilities, a variety of groups may gather and pursue their focus and purposes.

Desert Explorers

Read more about Freeman Hall

Internet Service
A wireless LAN is now installed and operational in Nipton. Guests with a Wi-FI enabled computer or comparable device can log on while visiting in the cafe or in Hotel Nipton.

Nipton Pond

Community Services at Nipton
At Nipton, travelers will find a  coin operated Laundromat and unlimited potable water supplies.  The Nipton Trading Post, located in a 1940’s roadside general store building, features desert books, maps, history, information, convenience goods including sandwiches, cold beer, sodas, ice, as well as Native American jewelry and crafts.

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  1. Stunning landscape, incredible star gazing and unique location. This Eco-Lodge was a perfect stop over after a week of tent camping in Sequoia National Park. Great location to explore the Mojave National Preserve. I am glad we had some camping food and stove fuel left to eat late at night, due to this remote location- a big part of the appeal of this eco-lodge for us. Thanks for accommodating our late arrival and for the tips on the Mojave and getting our rental car the right location in Vegas! S.A.H. June 2017

  2. Beautiful. So relaxing and peaceful. Wherever you turn there was something to take your breath away. The cabins are awesome. Basic but really cozy and comfortable. The trains didn’t bother us one bit and we were in the cabin closest to the tracks! Jim and Roxanne are amazing hosts. So kind and easy going. What Roxanne and her husband did to Nipton is great. Back at work today, contemplating going back to Nipton this weekend! Thanks guys. Will see you soon!

  3. Joe (May 2017) says:
    “We booked on a last moment before heading to Vegas and so glad we did. Awesome staff (Roxanne was amazing and nice!) best hiking, and I LOVED when night fell. The stars were beautiful and I’ve got to say, I didn’t expect to get such a good night’s sleep but I did. I’ll definitely be a return customer!”

  4. The Nomad was the perfect place to stay for my mom (not a camper), myself (avid camper), and my dog (sleeps anywhere) while visiting the Mojave! Jim greeted us with fresh towels and lots of firewood for the chilly March nights. The area was just as remote as I had hoped — the stars were beautiful and it was a short drive into the preserve. The trains were quite close and loud (as expected), but after the first couple I was able to sleep through the whistles. I absolutely loved our stay and hope to return!

  5. We loved staying at Hotel Nipton! It was quiet and hardly anyone around. Even though there was the train close by, it did not bother us at all. Our dog enjoyed the stay also! The views were amazing and seeing the sunrise topped everything off!

  6. Hotel Nipton was an awesome spot if you’re looking for an adventure out in the desert. The check in process was easy and we stayed in one of the Eco Lodges. It was very cozy, had electrical, a wood burning fireplace and was an great little get away. Thank you to Roxanne and Jim!

  7. This place rules. We stayed in the ecolodges in mid-February, with nighttime lows in the upper 30’s. The wood-burning stove in the lodging kept us plenty warm, even if I did have to rebuild the fire in the night. The ecolodges have a number of wall outlets and overall it was more comfortable than I expected. It’s sort of like camping with a lot more comfort and less dirt. There was indeed a loud train that came through a few times during the night, but earplugs took care of the noise just fine. The stars were amazing, and the location was exactly as remote and secluded as we had hoped. It was an easy drive into the Mojave preserve during the day. The guy who runs the place, Jim, was easy-going and helpful. Overall we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

  8. We loved the Nipton Hotel! It’s such a unique experience, and the people we’re great. We were invited to a bon fire and got to know some of the locals who are very hospitable. This is a gem off the beaten path. We’ll be back!

  9. The Eco-lodges were exactly what we were looking for. Unique, rustic cabins with wood fired stoves and barebones remote location. We ended up staying here for New years Eve and our host even set up a bonfire in the hold school house yard across the street.

  10. Beautiful location in the Mojave desert with stunning views. The cabin was simple and rustic but comfortable and the staff was very friendly. Highly recommend if you want accommodations somewhere in between tent camping and a classic hotel.

  11. So Nipton was where we laid down our packs
    A perfect spot to relax by the tracks
    We sipped beers as the trains rattled by
    And counted lightning bolts crisscrossing the sky
    We truly feel like we’ve stepped back in time
    To never visit here again would be a crime
    And yes the pork chop was a meal of wonder
    Why don’t you mail us some more down under

  12. What fun! Exploring the Mohave, feeling like we are lost in history! Scenic, breathtaking adventure. Thank you for your hospitality and wonderful, clean accommodations!

  13. The stay was wonderful!!! The Nipton Hotel was used as a “home base” for discovering new treasures in the high desert. I’ve been coming to the Mojave since the early 1970’s to photograph.

  14. I didn’t know such a place could still exist. It was purely fortuitous that I came here and my first reaction was… don’t tell anyone!

  15. We all sat in the hot tub under the stars while a 92 section train passed by. An experience not to be forgotten. Its wonderful to be in such an amazing desert.

  16. Happy New Year! Fun was had by all – a wonderful party in the new café and “good” food was served. I wouldn’t have wanted to be any where else but here for New Years Eve. What a great way to bring in the new year with many new friends and the company of my husband. May God bring us all peace and good health this next year! Best wishes

  17. Birth of Nipton Twilight:
    There it goes
    A mute shot across the dawn
    Scorching the sky with a long white tail
    That wags and falls and disappears,
    Swallowed by rising currents from
    Silhouetted mountains that pierce the paper horizon
    Hiding the light, stealing the day from the
    Gorging desert which has become fat, overfed by the sun
    And off to bed early under a blanket of
    Tropical sky colors

  18. I have always said that my soul is in the desert. And so it must be, for while I live in a Joshua tree and cactus filled environment my husband I chose Nipton as our first getaway from the kids. No place on earth could be more idyllic for us than this old hotel… How wonderful to experience not just a different place but a different time.

  19. Recipe for a stay at the Hotel Nipton:
    1 cup Quiet
    1 cup Peace
    2 cups Old Charm
    1 cup Beauty
    1 rare find
    1 midnight train
    1 starry sky
    2 Souls at ease
    1 whiff of desert air

    Gently sift together and sprinkle Inspiration. Add a touch of Spiritual Presence. Relax and enjoy!

  20. By chance ran into a girl that grew up across the street from my home in Philly! She was another guest at the Nipton Hotel. Hadn’t seen her in 20+ years! Small world!

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